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Current Opportunities (Nov 2023) 

Research Assistant

We currently have 2 open positions in our group for enthusiastic researchers

1. Post-doc

- fully funded for 4 years

-investigate novel circuitry for motivated behaviours

-use opto/chemogenetics along with viral manipulation tools and circuit mapping, rodent behaviour, slice electrophysiology, and imaging.

-PhD in neuroscience with expertise in either slice electrophysiology (or) optogenetic manipulation of rodent behaviour; experience with invivo e-phys or imaging is desired.

2. Research Assistant 

-This is an NMRC-funded position. You will contribute to the team's effort in elucidating synaptic and circuit mechanisms of learning and memory.

- This position could potentially lead to a PhD.

- Bachelor's or Master's Degree with prior research experience is required

- Molecular biology/electrophysiology/small rodent handling skills are desirable - start immediately 

For more details about this position and the requirements, email me at

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